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Nitro Funny Cars 27/12/2003

The late December event was traditionally one of the biggest of the year at Quit Motorplex, and this version did not disappoint.

The Nitro Funny Cars were the feature, with a revamped Greene Machine driven by Allan Dobson up against the newly themed Chemical Warfare of the Bailey Bros.

The first round saw both cars come out accompanied by orange smoke flares and a soundtrack well suited to the Bailey Bros paint job, with sirens and screams joining the sound of a nitro motor doing its thing in the burnout. Both cars launched well, but Bailey was up in smoke at quarter track, pointing the car at both walls before straightening up. Meanwhile Dobson had a quick pedal before getting to the end with a 5.48 @ 277 mph.

The next round was preceded by Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine”, a very suitable soundtrack. Again both cars were out strong, but Bailey was up in smoke, whilst Dobson pedalled once, twice, three times, shut the car off early and still ran a 5.58!

With the series already gone to Dobson and the Baileys frustrated with tyre shake troubles, Ashley was told to drive it through by brother Rod, no matter what. Once again both cars were out hard and fast, both pedalling at 100ft, Dobson pedalling a second time to be a touch behind, as Bailey also pedalled once more further down track. The Greene Machine was off the throttle a touch before the traps, whilst Bailey drove it through the deep end…on fire. Fortunately the fire was only alight for a moment and more serious damage wasn’t caused, but the motor would be looking a bit sad none the less.

The Greene team seemed satisfied with the event, with an all new tune up having to be used. The Baileys were disappointed but will return at the end of January for another shot at the Greene Machine.

Top Comp was a small but classy field with a number of normally present entries not appearing, such as Trevor Morrison. Qualifying was led by Robin Judd who recorded a stellar 6.13 in his Top Doorslammer. He backed it up with a 6.16 in the compulsory qualifier, alongside John Zappia, who also went 6.16. The B Final came down to Zappia and Damien Harris. Harris took the win when Zappia got out of shape and came very close to tagging the wall. The A Final saw Mark Sheehan up against George Separovich. This race was also decided by an out of shape run, as Sheehan smoked the tyres at about quarter track and crossed the centreline, leaving Separovich to run out to a BB/G 6.99 for a win.

In Super Comp, the final was between Andrew Kostecki and Terry Stacy. Stacy had the performance advantage, but the RR stocker got out of shape and Stacy was on and off the throttle, his 8.6 just falling short of Kostecki’s G/G 8.5 with a completely home grown engine combo.

Comp Bike was also a small field, with favourite Ray Easson pulling out early. The A Final came down to Paul Nieuwhof and Tim McClure. Nieuwhof had the capacity to go three tenths under the index, but when the bike refused to shift from third gear, the race was McClure’s.

In Modified eliminator, Aaron Deery took his second win of the season in the Saint Train IV, taking the win from Matt Treasure in an all-supercharged final.

Super Sedan was won by Graham Kennedy in an extremely close final against Brenton Baxter.

Modified Bike saw Rob Stevenson take the win over tough competitor Neil Anderson in a battle of two heavy hitters of Mod Bike.

Super Street saw Ralph Lewis red light himself out of contention against Matt Whiteside.

Junior Dragster was taken out by Jordan Scott over Matthew Johnson.

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