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Top Fuel Match Race 8/11/2003

The Top Fuel match race at Quit Motorplex between Johnny Cowin and John Buchanan never really reached the heights that it was meant to.

The first race saw both cars fire up at the end of the national anthem to send shivers down the spine of everyone in the vicinity. This is one of the most atmospheric moments at any meeting and the cackle of a fuel engine really sets it off. Unfortunately it went wrong from the first burnout. John Buchanan’s car threw the throttle stop off, leaving the engine to over rev big time, damaging the rear main. That was Buchanan’s day done there. Cowin had more luck on the first run, launching hard with a .88 60 foot time, shaking a touch requiring a pedal, before hotfooting to the end of the track with a 5.01 at a massive 313 mph, that’s 504 kph!

The next race saw Cowin on a solo with Buchanan unable to return. The car again launched with a .8 sixty footer, and once again needed a pedal. The car was quicker to half track than the previous effort and a four second run was on the cards until the motor spat the dummy in a smokey, oiley suicide. 5.14 came up on the boards. And then the Cowins decided to pack away for the night, leaving the meeting without a third run. Bummer!

Top Comp saw Mark Sheehan again making all the headlines when he came out in his Top Alcohol Altered and recorded a 5.85 in the heat of the day for a world record. Sheehan had a two tenth buffer on second place Trevor Morrison who ran a 6.58 in his BB/A. Geroge Separovich was another notable performer, a 7.17 in BB/G good for third.
The A final came down to Neil Behrendt on a solo when Robin Judd damaged his Top Doorslammer. Behrendt clicked the car off early.
The B Final was a slightly better race, when Gary Sheehan, running his small block dragster fat as, with spectacular flames reaching wing height at times at idle. In the other lane was another small block, with Trevor Morrison running his altered. Both cars launched hard and both got out of shape, but in the end Morrison took the win with a wild 7.25 over Sheehan’s 6.9.

In Super Comp, Terry Stacey smashed the existing RR/SK marks with a stunning 8.13 at 166.66 mph (too many ‘sixes’ for my liking). A returned Andrew Kostecki ran an 8.60 in G/SK to become the quickest in the class in WA we think.
The final came down to Steve Flynn and Kostecki. It was decided on the line when Flynn took a five hundredths margin on the tree which allowed his B/SK 8.12 to defeat the G/SK 8.55 in the other lane.

Comp Bike had Ray Easson back at the top of the qualifying lists after a valve event at the last meeting. An A/CB 7.82 secured the spot ahead of Paul Nieuwhof and Dave Richter. Mark Ashelford also put in a notable 190mph on his Top Bike Harley which we think is his best ever.
The B Final saw Nieuwhof against Ashelford, with Nieuwhof red lighting to hand the win to the other lane. The A Final saw Ray Easson defeat Dave Richter with an easy shutting off performance.

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