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Drag Racing Grand Opening 25/10/2003

The Season Opener featured Steve Reed and Dean McClennan in Top Comp to attract spectators. Overall the meeting was a bit of a hit and miss affair, probably to be expected for the first major meet of the year.

Top Comp had plenty of numbers at the start of the day, but there was plenty of attrition within the field. Run of the day would have to go to Mark Sheehan, who recorded a 5.94 in his TA/A, on his first full pass. The altered now has an ex-Paul Shackleton motor and should really run numbers when sorted. The run was good for top qualifiers spot. Gary Sheehan was also out in the ex-Paul Shackleton dragster with the old altered motor between the rails. This is the same car that crashed spectacularly at the 2002 Winternationals, however you’d be hard pressed to tell. Gary scored his full track license with a 6.50, taking out a number of timing boxes.
In the end the B Final came down to Rob Pilkington and Mark Sheehan. Sheehan has done damage to his gearbox and was only going to stage. Pilkington appeared to have it in the bag but the car drifted to the centreline and took out the top end timing box, handing Sheehan a win. The A Final was between Wayne Keys and visitor Steve Reed. Keys made it to the final by running consistently, whilst Reed got there with brute force, a 6.03 in the elimination round making him the quickest alky funny in WA. Reed proved to strong for Keys, a 6.13 taking out the Monaro’s 6.7.

Super Comp saw Steve Flynn return to active competition and return to the top with a B/SK 8.23. Terry Stacey was second with a RR/SK 8.62. 
The final came down to Rob Demaniel and Ian Johns. Johns faltered off the line and shut off early, leaving Demaniel and his new car to take out the win.

Comp Bike was also faced with a high attrition rate, only five bikes making it to the elimination round. Paul Nieuwhof top qualified with an A/CB 8.21.
The A Final was between Syd Standring and Tim McClure. The nitro Harley of Standring has this one wrapped up when McClure wheelstood his A/SB, leaving Syd to run a 7.58 for the win.

Modified saw Aaron Deery take his first win in the competitive bracket, racing the Saint Train IV dragster. In a Supercharged Outlaws-like final, he defeated Steve Raven, who reached the final in his first competitive outing with the blown bucket. Raven also top qualified with a 7.58.

Super Sedan saw Moreno Gullotto top qualify with an 8.15 from the turbo Lexus motored Camira. The final came down to Gullotto and Kennedy, with Kennedy coming out on top.

Modified Bike had a tight battle in qualifying, with Julie Nieuwhof emerging as number one with an 8.89. Australian number two Rob Stevenson fought his way to the bracket win, defeating Rick Wood in the final.

Super Street was won by Tim Hudson over Sandro Principe.

Junior Dragster saw Matt Johnson continue his dominance from last season with victory over Nicholas Wroe.

  • Report and photos by Luke Nieuwhof, for the original WA Drag Racing website.


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