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Nitro Funny Cars 28/12/2002

Although overcast skies threatened in the morning, conditions proved excellent in the end for the Quit Nitro Funny Car Challenge, with clear skies during the afternoon and rain only arriving at the very end of racing – almost preventing the running of the final round for the Nitro Funny Cars. Fortunately the track had enough heat to prevent it becoming slippery.

The concrete lacked bite early in the day, as the track had been scraped just the day before, however by late afternoon it had really come around.

The first round of the Quit Nitro Funny Car Challenge began just after 6:00 pm with the national anthem fading out to the sound of two nitro motors cackling away. Allan Dobson in the Allen Greene owned Greene Machine, which had its newly painted bus at the track, performed the trademark burnout, finishing up somewhere around 1000′. Bailey went out to the 60′ beams in his more sedate version. Dobson got away solidly, rocketing to a 5.39 @ 278 mph to become the third quickest nitro funny car outside of the USA and the second quickest in Australia after Romeo Capitanio’s 5.37. In the other lane, Bailey kept pace to half track but from there fell away, shutting off marginally before the line for a 5.65! The crowd went wild for the awesome side by side run.
The next round saw both cars staying in the same lane and basically repeating the previous round’s build up. However Bailey got away first this time, when Dobson was caught with his pants down as both cars went into stage. The Greene Machine was down by heaps at quarter track, but came awful close to overtaking Bailey, Dobson’s 5.51 @ a big 282 not quite enough to take out Bailey’s 5.62, which was burning up some parts through the traps. Another spectacular side by side run, and real close to boot.
The final round would see the winner take the honours for the night. To the tree it was even, but then a fuel line came off the Greene Machine Beretta, causing it to viciously smoke the tyres. Dobbo was pedalling valiantly up to the 330′ mark, but each stab of the the throttle lead to more smoke. The end result looked the same as the burnout! In the other lane however, Bailey really got moving until the motor started smoking some pistons at the 1000′ mark and he shut off early to still card a 5.86. It was some great racing, and it was good to see the Funny Cars show some reliability and put on one heck of a show.

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