The new semi-permanent eighth mile track at Collie held its second meeting on the 22nd of April, 2002. A few regular racers from Kwinana made the trip down to support the track in its beginnings.

The complex is located on mining land just outside the town of Collie and has a lot of the old Ravenswood gear, including the tower and concrete barriers. The braking area is a notable feature of the track, given it has about very steep angle to slow up racers! Traction was notably absent, though once racers begin to put more passes down and a groove is built up it should improve.

For the first time in a while racers were seen putting some VHT on to the track for their own burnouts. Headliner for the day was Clive Hudson’s blown C-10 truck, out making some noise. After a burnout extending halfway up the braking area, Clive reversed back up, then launched nostalgia fashion – a full track tyre smoker. A 7.44 ET was the result. On his second pass, two burnouts were performed in order to gain traction! It seemed to work, with a lot less smoke, and the truck hauled through the traps, but unfortunately no time was recorded. A blower belt also came off, damaging a few components and putting Clive out for the day.

Quickest ET for the day went to Paul Nieuwhof, running a 6.41 on the “little” 1170cc Kawasaki drag bike. Steve McGrath’s Fiat Topolino altered was second quickest with a 6.62, while the wild blown altered of Matt Treasure, which was making way too much power for the track to handle, smoked and shook its way to a 6.78. Four Junior Dragsters made the trip down, Jordan Scott the quickest of those with his “Viper” entry recording a 10.13. Other cars were organised into groups based on engine type. Jason Fost’s 383 Chev equipped VK Commodore was the quickest of the V8s with an 8.29, Mark Kent’s RX7 was the best of the rotaries with an impressive 8.15, Ryan Doe’s Skyline took out the six cylinder category with an 8.97, whilst Brad Harkup won the four cylinder group with an 8.84 from the Subaru WRX.

Shane Catalano turned on some of the biggest skids of the day!

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