Nitro Funny Cars National Open 23/3/2002

The Funny Cars returned to Quit Motorplex on the 23rd of March, 2002 to put on one of their trademark shows.

The Greene Machine came into battle equipped with new magnetos and new tyres but the first pass of the night saw driver Allan Dobson smoke the tyres at the hit. Ashley Bailey in the Bailey Bros Probe rocketed to half track where he shut off, still running a 6.43! The half track time was their best ever, and with a 60 foot time of .952 showed 5.3/5.2 second potential. However for the next round, the Baileys could not make it, leaving Dobson to go it alone. After a 330′ burnout, Dobson wheelstood from the start, crossing the centreline and shutting off. In the third and final round, both cars returned. This time Dobson turned the tyres to half track in the burnout, leaving Bailey in his smoke. On the start line however as both cars prepared to race, Bailey’s chute popped out, meaning he could not run. Dobbo had to go it alone again, wheelstanding the same as the previous run before smoking the tyres, pedalling and then smoking again to roll through for a ten second time. However the action wasn’t over yet. The Bailey Bros were determined to make more than one run, so they repacked the chute, gve it some more fuel and restarted on the line. The car left well, but he was off it before half track, recording only a 9.6.

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