Westernationals featuring Top Doorslammer and Top Bike 6/3/2002

The Marlows Westernationals went off without a hitch at the Motorplex, producing some of the best drag racing Western Australia had ever seen.

Over the weekend, 11 new nationals records were set:

Peter Nowak CC/D – 190.27 mph
Rob Pannizza CC/G – 7.57, 185.95 mph
Paul Hayes SS/A – 8.11, 166.97 mph
Trevor Morrison CC/A – 6.89, 192.30 mph
Ian Johns A/AP – 7.20, 189.87 mph
Victor Bray T/D – 6.10, 236.22 mph

In Top Doorslammer, the action was thick and fast. Saturday qualifying saw Victor Bray lead the field with a 6.105, Kapiris right behind with a ridiculously close 6.106. Gary Phillips was third with a 6.30, then Brett Stevens with a 6.31. Dave Simpson rounded out the field with a 6.623, narrowly ahead of Grant O’Rourke’s 6.624. Ben Bray was among those who missed the field.

In the first round of racing, Dave Koop’s Delphi Automotive 55 Chev took out a tyre shaking Gary Phillips, Peter Hamilton grabbed an upset win over Brett Stevens who had a backfire at three quarter track, Peter Kapiris went 6.20 to beat Robin Judd, and Victor Bray used a national record setting 6.16 to defeat Dave Simpson. In the semis, Bray got all four wheels off the ground as he got out of shape against Hamilton, but he recovered with a 6.47 to defeat Hamilton’s valiant 6.5. In the other match up, Kapiris upped the ante with a 6.18 defeat of Koop. The finals held much expectation and there were high hopes that we would see the quickest side by side doorslammer pass in the world. It didn’t disappoint. Kapiris left on Bray by three hundredths, the streched that at the other end, a 6.15 defeating Bray’s fast closing 6.18, a world record race.

Top Bike only had a small field of seven, and qualifying would have been a fairly lacklustre show if it weren’t for Jay Upton and Ian Ashelford. These two combined on two occasions to give the crowd side by side six second action. Their first match up saw Ashelford take the honours with a 6.96 over Upton’s on again off again 6.97. The second time around, it was Upton who dominated, both running PBs, Upton’s 6.78 taking pole position, whilst Ashelford improved to a 6.85. The rest of the field was close to a second behind. The first round saw no really spectacular numbers, with Upton shutting off, and Ashelford hitting a 7.001. Craig McPhee and Brett Jonas were the other winners. The semis saw Ashelford go on a solo 7.001 again, whilst Upton smoked the tyre, then got back on it to go 7.88. However it was not over there, as the bike veered towards the wall in the braking area and Upton came off. Injuries were not too bad, though he was taken to hospital later on at night. Ashelford was left to go it alone in the final, flying to half track before shutting off early after dropping a cylinder, to still run 7.35.

In Competition Eliminator, Malcolm Bulley took a win. Super Stock saw Rob Demaniel win over Graeme Simms, after Ian Brown became a shock round one loser. Rhett Lougheed took a win over Ray Easson in Comp Bike, Justin Applebee won Modified, Shane Wynd won Super Sedan, Julie Nieuwhof won Mod Bike, Jason Gill won Super Stret and Matt Johnson won Junior Dragster.

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