Grand Opening from 27/10/2001

The Grand Opening event got the 2001/2002 season started at Quit Motorplex, Kwinana Beach.  The event was actually scheduled for the 20th of October but got rained out.

20011027-42The star attraction was Maurice Fabietti in his AA/AP Pontiac Transam. At the time Fabietti was in an intense battle with Wayne Keys’ BMW for supremacy in the class – both of them would later take on Top Doorslammer, though Keys still frequents AA/AP some 15 years later.

We’d love to have some results from this event so if anyone has the old Dragster Australia meeting report please let me know.

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  1. Mr Kwarn

    Well done Luke, I like the concept. My only problem is, & I can understand why not, but there are no inscriptions under the photos. Good Luck with it all!

    • Hi Noel! At the moment it is just a time thing. Once everything is up I can go back to the start and add some more info. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Shane O'Sullivan

    Great work again Luke. Thanks for doing it. Storage is part of the problem with the digital age and being able to take so many pics compounds the problem.

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