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Photos of the Motorplex in construction

Perth Motorplex, or Quit Motorplex as it was first known, was built in the Kwinana Beach area in 2000.

Then costing in the order of $20 million, it was the first State Government-owned drag strip in the country, a model that would later be emulated by Sydney Dragway (Western Sydney International Dragway, WSID).

The venue included a home for drag racers, with Ravenswood International Raceway facing increasing pressure from encroaching home owners, as well as speedway racers who had to leave Claremont.

The project’s visionary was Gary Miocevich and his fingerprints were on many of the design features. If I may editorialise for a moment, the Motorplex remains one of the best laid out and most well thought out motorsport venues anywhere in the world.