Earth works at the site of the new Kwinana Motorplex, south of Perth, are well advanced with the actual shape becoming clearer by the day. Earthworks in the pit area and carparks are nearly completed and the drag strip is approaching the correct level from the staging area through to the finish line.

The prime contractor, Entact Clough, and their earth moving sub contractor, Goldfields Contractors, are doing an outsanding job and have put extra machinery on the job to advance the project ahead of schedule. At the moment there are 13 scrapers, four bulldozers, graders, compactors, dump trucks and excavators on site, with huge all terrain water tanks to keep dust to a minimum.

The Motorplex team was driven through all this equipment on a recent site inspection.

“It was like peak hour traffic,” commented manager Gary Miocevich. “The vehicle we were in was certainly vulnerable given the sheer size of the earthmoving equipment and the speed at which they’re operating. It’s easy to see why the site is off limits to the public during the construction period.”