Final site for Motorplex determined

After recent delays, a statement by the WA Minister for Planning Mr. Graham Kierath gave the green light to the international drag racing and speedway complex to be built near Kwinana, south of Perth, with work expected to commence within the week.

Mr. Kierath told State Parliament the previous week that Cabinet had decided to proceed with the Kwinana site. The construction phase of the Motorplex was expected to create 279 full-time jobs with a flow-on effect of 298 jobs, many of which would be located in the Kwinana area.

Mr Kierath said it was possible the $16 million Motorplex would be constructed in November.

“Obviously it would be preferable to have the complex in place by the start of the season but the delays we have experienced have not made that possible,” he said. “I think the motorsport public are a group that understands all this project has gone through and will accept the initial inconvenience.”

Mr Kierath said final approval had taken longer than first expected but the delays had been necessary to ensure the future of the project.

He said there were concerns over public safety at the site and claims by some sections of the community that other sites could be used.

“There was no point going ahead with Kwinana if five or ten years down the track someone discovers there is a better alternative,” the Minister said. “We are satisfied that the Kwinana site is the best place for the International Motorplex available in the metropolitan area.”

He said the construction contract would be awarded to the Entact Clough company, to ensure work could begin as soon as possible.

“The last thing we wanted was for Kwinana to get the green light and then stall at the start.”